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The results

Whittle that waist. Get strong. Be proud.

SkinnyStork was made just

for me, a MOM!


I was a little unsure at how 30 min. workouts just 4 times  a week was

going to get me into shape,

 but I gave it a try. After the first

week I was already feeling better about my body and feeling

energized! It's great!


I can’t thank SkinnyStork enough

and my wonderful trainer

for all their help and support.

I look forward to continuing

in the program & seeing what

my body can do.

.... and I'm so glad. Because I hate the gym, but love my workouts!

I finally feel like the gym has met it's match.

"The key to my fitness success story was variety and finding a program that works around my busy schedule as a mom."



I was surprised at thedifficulty of the workouts.  The trainers are so nice but they kick your ass!


I'm not a mom, but SkinnyStork

worked awesome for me because I'm as busy as a mom. It helped me to organize

myself better and not use lack of time as an excuse. Compared to other online programs, SkinnyStork was better because I got the guidance I need and it's not generic. It's personalized to me. I love that I am really supported!




33 years old

professional & mom of 2



5 Week


Planned, dynamic workouts

I was amazed when I invited a friend to try a workout with me. I was 6 weeks into my workouts and she could not keep up! It really showed me how much I improved and how challenging the workouts are! The program really does get harder as you get stronger.


I feel so confident already and I'm so thankful that the workouts keep getting harder so I won't plateau. Plus, they're always

 new - so I don't get bored repeating the same things. I can't believe I'm  saying this, but I really enjoy working out!

Going to the beach is not an issue or me anymore! I love to hear...

"what are you doing? You look amazing!"


4 lbs

23 years old,

 professional, not a mom


in16 Workouts!


waste time traveling

Personal trainers



repeative & boring


"It's so motivating & fun to

 learn new moves

  every single workout"

"Thank you so much for everything!


I can't believe that in just a few weeks the gap between my abs is almost gone! I was so worried about my middle. You guys really know your stuff and I'm so glad that I signed up for the trial. I feel stronger and look better. And my husband is a huge fan of SkinnyStork too . LOL!"

- Paulina